Reiki for Kids and Teens

Kids have a lot on their plates these days. The pressures of school, friends, extra curricular activities and home can be overwhelming and tough. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive way of dealing with the growing pains, hurts and disappointments that may come their way. Reiki can also assist with stress, tension, anxity as well as the physical discomforts and ailments they may encounter.  Some of the most common benefits of Reiki for kids and teens include:

• Enhances relaxation and sleep

• Releases tension and negative stress

• Enhances self awareness and self esteem

• Improves focus and concentration

• Reduces anxiety and irritability

• Strengthens the immune system 

• Helps with acute and chronic illnesses 

• Promotes health energy levels and reduces fatigue

Reiki Kids Class

By learning Reiki, kids can benefit in many different ways: stress reduction, boost of their immune system and self esteem, improve quality of sleep as well as attention span, focus and concentration and much more. Kids will also be able to share Reiki with their siblings, parents, friends and even pets.


In this Reiki class kids will learn Reiki in a fun and interactive way. Classes are designed to be presented in a safe and fun atmosphere which incorporates Science, Art, and discussion as a part of the learning experience.  The children will work together and support each other in learning how to give and receive Reiki. 


To attend this Reiki class, children must be accompanied by a parent. 

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