Reiki Sports Therapy

Whether you are an athlete, trainer or coach, Reiki can give you a competitive advantage. Reiki can assist you in training harder, thinking clearer, playing better and recovering faster.  Reiki works to improve your health and well-being physically, emotionally and mentally.


Reiki Sports Therapy (RST) is an integrative and holistic approach to sports recovery and rehabilitation. Through the use of Reiki and mind body intervention, RST enhances the body's natural healing ability. Reiki Sports Therapy offers preparatory, recovery, and preventive care in relation to the physical and psychological demands of competition and training in sports.


Reiki Sports Therapy can play an important role as a supplement to standard injury rehabilitation procedures. It is an excellent healing therapy for immediate treatment of new injuries, muscle fatigue, and old injuries. RST is beneficial for pain management, mental stress and overall recovery from any injury. Some of the most common benefits of Reiki Sports Therapy include:

• Brings about a state of deep relaxation

• Decreases recovery time

• Quickens healing process

• Improves focus, concentration, and mental toughness

• Enhances athlete's natural abilities

• Strengthens the immune system 

• Releases tension and negative stress  

• Lowers blood pressure, heart and breathing rate

• Relieves pain and muscle soreness

• Can be used as pre and post operative care 

• Can be used for any illness or injury

Professional athletes including current and former NFL players, current and former NBA Players, Olympians and many other athletes have experienced the amazing benefits of Reiki. Depending on the approach you want to take and the goals you want to achieve, Reiki can be easily incorporated into your current athletic regimen or program.



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